Sunday, August 28, 2016

Well #WaterTreatment - Making Your Well Water Fit For Use

By Peejay Onaps

For water to be safe for drinking it must be treated and this applies to water from almost every source maybe with the exception of natural spring water. Usually water is supplied by the municipal water services, but sometimes people find themselves in an area not covered by this service and more than often alternate water sources like wells and lakes are used as bail out. Most homes turn to the well as their alternate water source in this situation. If you happen to use the well as your water source, you will have to put a good well water treatment system in place.

Water from well does not necessarily spell problematic but more often than not, water from this source is notorious for some particular types of contaminants: bad taste, hydrogen sulfide which is responsible for the rotten egg smell, sediments, rusts, cloudiness, bacteria are just a few. Your well water will have to be treated if these impurities are found in it but well water treatment does not have to be lousy only simple and effective.

For well water treatment to be effective the first line of action is the consultation of an independent laboratory to carry out a test on a sample of your water. This will analyze the water and the contaminants that are present. This whole process will stand as guide to the kind of treatments that is required by your well water.

Disinfection using chlorination systems or just chlorine is done if there is bacterial presence. Although sometimes this is unnecessary, but again it depends on the test results.

Sediments, hydrogen sulfide which inflicts the bad rotten egg odor on water, rusts and manganese can all be removed using the right filtration systems in the house. Some filter systems target specific impurity while others are multitasking. These are the multistage filtration systems that are designed to remove most contaminants. Your specific needs and cost will be the drivers in making a choice in this situation.

By and large what this means is that if you are faced with having to do a well water treatment to make it safe for use, do not forget that it can be plain and simple.

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